Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How do I update my Contact information for billing purposes?
A. Click Here to update your information.
Q. Do you have video cameras to secure the Property?
A. Yes, for added security, we have video surveillance cameras placed around the facility. The 24/7 operating cameras are located at entry/exit points, as well as other locations.
Q. Does the facility have controlled access
A. Access to the facility is only allowed to customers and is controlled by a unique code for each customer. It is used to monitor who enters and exits the Storage Property.
Q. Can I reserve a storage unit without a deposit
A. Yes, we will reserve a storage unit for one week to help you plan ahead and assist with your moving needs.
Q. What are the payment terms
A. Typically, our leases are month to month, but we do offer year leases as well. We have discounts for such a customer. Rent is Due the 1st of every month and we provide our customers a 7-day grace period.