Small 5' x 10' (50 SF)
$59 Per Month

A 5'x10' unit is roughly the size of a small walk-in closet. This size unit has a total of 50 square feet of space, perfect for storing a the contents from a bedroom or a small office. Want to remodel a room at your house? This is the perfect space to keep your belongings in while remodeling.

Medium 10' x 10' (100 SF)
$99 Per Month

Most Common Storage unit size. It is roughly the space of two bedrooms or large family room. This space is large enough for multiple items including a mattress set, bookcases, tables and dressers, sofas and appliances could fit in this space as well.

Large 10' x 15' (150 SF)
$129 Per Month

At 150 square feet of space, this larger unit can typically store the contents of 3 bedrooms. This space is also ideal for larger items like televisions, pianos, couches, or tables.

Why Choose our Property

This Property has 24 Hour Access to your belongings, well-lit areas, and a Digital Camera System for Security. We definitely have you covered for all your Self Storage needs. We are family owned and operated. Let us help you Store and Secure your belongings today.

  • 24-Hour Surveillance System
  • 24-Hour Access Code Gates
  • Fenced Perimeter
  • Lighted Parking lot
  • Member of the Texas Self Storage Association
  • Concrete Floors
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Under new management

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